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SIZE : 1570 SQFT

Welcome to The Park 2 Bukit Jalil, where we had the pleasure of designing a beautiful modern minimal Japanese home for our client and their parents. The main approach was to create a comfortable and harmonious living space with a touch of Japanese influence. We used natural materials such as oak wood veneer and carrara marble stone to achieve this modern yet minimalistic look.

The living area is designed with a beautiful Carrara marble stone TV wall, providing a stunning focal point to the room. We used oak wood veneer throughout the space, including the ceiling, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The wood texture on the ceiling adds a subtle touch of nature to the space while maintaining the minimalist aesthetic.

The combination of natural materials and minimalist design creates a peaceful and harmonious environment that promotes relaxation. We also incorporated plenty of storage spaces to keep the house tidy and uncluttered, which is essential in a minimalist Japanese design.

This modern minimal Japanese design is perfect for our client and their parents, creating a space that is both elegant and functional.

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