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SIZE : 1076 SQFT

The design of this small condominium house for weekend leisure focuses on creating a simple touch of elegance and lifestyle. To achieve this, we incorporated a range of high-quality imported furnishings, including premium brown leather sofas and a coffee table with a matte finish glass top.

We are excited to introduce new materials into the design, such as the use of wood fibre acoustic panels on the living room feature wall. These panels not only provide an aesthetically pleasing design element but also enhance the acoustics of the space. The living area is the heart of the home and we have used warm earthy tones to create a comfortable atmosphere. 

To further elevate the design, we added bronze details on the ceiling, living wall panel, and kitchen door. The use of bronze adds a touch of sophistication and complements the warm tones of the wood and leather in the space. The end result is a stylish and comfortable weekend retreat that the owner can enjoy with family and friends.

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