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Our interior design project for a bachelor's condominium is inspired by the industrial and loft style, creating a space that is stylish and functional. The design incorporates a dark color scheme, including army green, walnut wood, and brown leather, which creates a masculine and sophisticated vibe.

As a basketball lover, we included a display basketball hoop in the living room as a decorative element, and hired a mural artist to create a custom Kaws artwork that showcases the owner's love for basketball and contemporary art.

To create a rustic and raw feel, we used conduit pipes that run from the wall to the ceiling, adding to the overall industrial style. The use of modern furniture, sleek lines, and simple geometric shapes give the space a minimalistic feel while still maintaining a sense of warmth and comfort. The wall behind the sofa is painted in army green, creating a stunning backdrop for the Kaws artwork. The walnut wood coffee table and brown leather sofa add richness and texture to the design.


Overall our interior design project for this bachelor's condominium features an industrial and loft style, a dark color scheme, custom artwork that reflects the owner's passion for basketball and contemporary art, and the use of conduit pipes to create a rustic and raw feel. The overall design is clean, modern, and sophisticated, while still being comfortable and functional.

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