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alira phase 2




SIZE : 1048 SQFT

Our interior design project is centered around a bold and dynamic color scheme that combines black and yellow to create a striking visual impact. The contrasting colors work together to create a playful and energetic environment that is perfect for young people.

The modern furnishings used in the design complement the color scheme, with sleek lines and contemporary materials adding to the overall sense of style and sophistication. The use of mural art in the space further enhances the playful atmosphere, with colorful and eye-catching designs adding a sense of fun and creativity.


The combination of black and yellow is not only visually appealing but also has psychological effects, with yellow promoting feelings of optimism and happiness while black adds a sense of depth and sophistication. Together, these elements create a space that is both fun and sophisticated, perfect for young people looking for a space that reflects their style and personality.

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